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Business & Industry

Basic economic activities of the community include farming, cattle feeding, trucking and tourism. The principal crops are wheat, corn, pinto beans, sunflowers and alfalfa. A number of our businesses depend upon needs of the farmers for their products and services.

Our local fuel distributors, grain storage facilities, fertilizers plants and spray applicators do a booming business in the South Platte river valley and the table lands nearby. The locally-produced corn and pinto bean crops are hauled by local truckers to nearby feedlots and storage facilities in Nebraska and Colorado.

The favorable location near the junction of I-80 from Cheyenne and I-76 from Denver is an attraction for prospective firms. Availability of utilities, a plentiful water supply and an ambitious work force make our community an ideal place to locate an industry. Approximately 15 acres of land in and adjacent to our town are zoned for industry.

Wages in this area are in the normal range and we have a large potential work force eager for work.

Big Springs has a rich past and an exciting future that we want to share with visitors. The proposed National Trails Museum to be built a few miles east on Interstate 80 will provide employment for many local workers and will give visitors a fuller appreciation of our rich heritage which was created by the pioneers who left their marks in the deep ruts of the Oregon Trail as they pursued their dreams of a better tomorrow.

Big Springs, a dynamic community with a pioneer spirit greets the 21st century with great anticipation. We are a family-oriented community, supporting school, churches and local businesses. We are proud of our past, our peaceful present and are looking forward to a prosperous future.

A business and industry committee was appointed several years ago to explore the possibility of attracting potential businesses to locate in our community. For more information write to the Big Springs Chamber of Commerce Office at P.O. Box 436, Big Springs, NE 69122 or call us at (308) 889-3681.

Big Springs...Remembering the past, Living for the present, Planning for the future!

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Local Business

Ag Valley Co-op Elevator
Phone:  308-889-3323

Farmer's Co-op Gas & Oil
Phone:  308-889-3636

McClung Aerial Spraying
Phone:  308-889-3481

Automotive & Machine Repair
Armstrong Irrigation & Diesel Repair
Phone:  308-889-3358

Phone:  308-889-3443

Pilot Truck and Travel LLC
Phone:  308-889-3686

BS Equipment
Phone:  308-889-3440

D-T Tech Service
Phone:  308-889-3215

Boat Sales & Service
Spahn's Marine
Phone:  308-889-3531

Barry Walker Construction
Phone:  308-889-3160

Randy Schlake
Phone:  308-889-3438

Ray's Cement Works
414 Rd West M South
Brule, NE 69127
Phone: 402-430-4580 or 308-289-6639

Century Link
Phone:  800-244-1111

Cable TV: Eagle Communications
Phone:  877-613-2453

Electrical & Plumbing
Kenfield Electric
Phone:  308-889-3539

Landis Plumbing
Phone:  308-889-3563

Stretesky Electric
Phone:  308-889-3653

Equipment Sales
Big Springs Equipment
Phone:  308-889-3440

Financial Institutions
Farmer's State Bank
Phone:  308-889-3681

Groceries & Supplies
Ag Valley/Big Springs Grocery
Phone:  308-889-3446

Pilot Travel Center LLC
Phone:  308-889-3686

BS Truck & Travel Store
Phone:  308-889-3608

Hardware & Lumber
BS Country Supply
Phone:  308-889-3311

Health Services
Valley Medical Clinic
Phone:  308-889-3376

Ogallala Mobile Unit
Phone:  308-889-3411

Sandhills Visiting Nurses
Phone:  308-284-6054

Heating and Air Conditioning
Tim Van Zee
115 Oak
Julesburg CO 80737
Phone: (308) 464-1187 or (970) 474-3545



BS Insurance Agency
Phone:  308-889-3681

Motel 6 (60 units)
Phone:  308-889-3671

Phelps Hotel Bed & Breakfast
Phone:  308-889-3580

The Bunkhouse
Phone:  308-889-5365
Website: www.cowboybunkhouse.com

McGreer Camper Park
Phone:  308-889-3489

HQH Overnight Stables & Campground
Phone:  877-241-8653
Email:  lorieh@megavision.com

Website: www.a-chordpublishing.com

Vacation Home Rental at Lake McConaughy
Scherazade Pointe Resort Vacation

Email:  lorieh@megavision.com

Website: www.scpvacation.com

Deerwood Bar & Grill
200 East 3rd Street
Phone: 308-889-9669
Open 11:00 am to 11:00 pm. Homemade burgers and sandwiches along with your favorite beverages. Families welcome!

Grandma Max's
Phone:  308-889-3239

Pilot Pizza
Phone:  308-889-3686

Sam Bass Saloon & Steakhouse
Phone:  308-889-3246

Phone:  308-889-3686

Personal Service
A Shearly Unique Salon
Phone:  308-889-3322

Big Springs Public Library
Phone:  308-889-3482

Gentlemen's Choice
Phone:  308-889-3232

Horse Motel & Camping
Phone:  877-241-8653

HQH Stables
Phone:  308-889-3538
Email: lorieh@megavision.com

Website: www.a-chordpublishing.com

Frontier Trucking
Phone:  308-889-3258

Ham Trucking
Phone:  308-889-3634

Ortega Trucking
Phone:  308-889-3400

Truck Stops
Pilot Travel Center LLC
Phone:  308-889-3686

Co-op Gas & Oil
Phone:  308-889-3636

Big Springs Truck & Travel
Phone:  308-889-3608

Nebraska Public Power District
Phone:  308-889-3613
Website:  www.nppd.com

Source Gas
Phone:  800-563-0012

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