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Welcome to Big Springs, Nebraska!


The Big Springs Veteran's Memorial Park has been completed and is a beautiful tribute to our area veterans. Almost $70,000 was donated to the project which includes a walkway to the circular memorial site with three granite ledger stones engraved with the names of approximately 670 local veterans. The ledger stones are centered with a 30' American Flag pole, surrounded by 25' flag poles flying the flags for the six branches of the Armed Forces. Two benches face the monuments and provide a peaceful place to rest and reflect. The area is bordered on the south with a 6' vinyl fence and the entire area is landscaped with hundreds of trees, bushes, grasses and flowers.

The people of the Village owe a huge debt of gratitude to K.C. and Sue McGreer who volunteer their time, labor and equipment to keep the memorial mowed, sprayed and weeded each year. This has been an enormous job and they have done it without recognition for the past four years. Our hats off to those wonderful volunteers!!

Donations are still needed to help with the maintenance and upkeep for the site. A full set of flags costs approximately $1,000 and they have to be changed at least once a year. Tax deductible donations should be made payable to: The Nebraska Community Foundation and mailed or left at Farmers State Bank, PO Box 436, Big Springs, NE 69122. Names can still be added to the stones with a minimum donation of $100.

We made an attempt to get the name of every veteran who has lived in the immediate Big Springs area onto the memorial, but will gladly include veterans from outside the area as long as the minimum donation is made.  The Veteran's Memorial Park is located at the corner of 2nd and Maple across the street from the swimming pool park.

The Village of Big Springs secured a grant from the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality to renovate an existing pond area on the old water-tower hill. Volunteers spent several days this fall doing the initial cleanup of the area, cutting down and removing dead trees and brush and getting the area ready for construction. Several locals helped catch the last of the fish, prior to draining the water. Myers Construction from Broken Bow, Ne. came in with their heavy equipment and removed stumps, deepened the pond area and cleared and leveled the surrounding beach area and installed a handicap accessible ramp area. The pond was lined to help with water conservation and fish habitats where installed and the pond was refilled. Nebraska Game and Parks will come out early this spring and stock the pond with: bass, bluegill, and channel catfish. Students from South Platte School will help with the maintenance around the pond in the future. The area which covers a little more than a half acre will be utilized as an educational worksite for water quality studies, and plant and wildlife habitat development. Matt and Trish Meyer from Spahn Marine have made a sizeable donation to pay for picnic tables and benches to be placed at the site.

Tax-deductible donations are being accepted for this project and may be sent to The Nebraska Community Foundation, P.O. Box 294, Big Springs, NE 69122.  For more information, please contact David Spencer or Susan McGreer at (308) 889-3622.



Additional and more detailed information about Big Springs may be obtained by contacting any of the following:

Susan McGreer , Village Clerk
Phone: (308) 289-5534
Dennis G. Hall, CED and Economic Development Manager
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